Hello, I'm Matt

Nutritionist, Neuroscientist, Author, Mentor & Keynote Speaker

I help individuals and organisations to achieve exceptional mental health, through nutrition, neuroscience and mentoring.

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Mental Health Course

Thrive is my online mental health course, which teaches you how to develop resilience to stress, through a series of 38 video classes.

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Mental Health in the Workplace

I'll help your organisation to reduce sick days and increase productivity, by transforming the health of your workforce.

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What my clients say

"Matt, you have completely revolutionised the way I think about my mental health. I now feel good again. Thank you.

I wish I'd had the information you provide 20 years ago." 


Mental Health Summit

Keynote Speech Feedback

mental health in the workplace
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"Amazing. Matt needs to be done by a Netflix special like 'Game Changer'."
"Absolutely fascinating and fantastic."
"Wow! I’d have come just for that! So eye opening."
"Absolutely fascinating."
"Matt's talk blew me away and some really good food for thought."
"Absolutely fascinating! Good knowledgeable speaker and mixed media to support his presentation done brilliantly."
"So insightful thank you."
"Mind blowing, thank you. I feel sorry for the people who left before this amazing last session."
"Fabulous and informative."
"Fascinating, mind blowing."
"Genuinely blown my mind with the impact this could have."
"Really great session. I need to know more about this. Thank you."
"Brilliant, thanks Matt."

My Training