Neuroscientist, Nutritionist, Author & Keynote Speaker

Resolving mental illness & chronic disease through neuroscience & nutrition.

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"Amazing. Matt needs to be done by a Netflix special."

"So few professionals address alternative treatment for depression, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. Matt, you really are one of the pioneers."

Mental Health Course

Thrive is my online mental health course, which teaches you how to calm anxiety and beat stress, through a carefully designed curriculum of 38 video classes.

Mental Health in the Workplace

I'll help your organisation to reduce sick days and increase productivity, by transforming the health of your workforce.

mental health in the workplace


"Since taking Matt’s advice I’ve started to feel so much better! More energy, more positivity, more mojo! Thank you, Matt. What you know, and how you treat your clients/patients, is a remarkable gift."


"Matt, you have completely revolutionised the way I think about my mental health. I now feel good again. Thank you. I wish I'd had the information you provide 20 years ago." 


"Matt's recommendations have been remarkable. He is brilliant in his assessment of how best to tailor a program that will support the body’s unique biochemistry and health issues. I would definitely recommend his consultations as they are extremely thorough. My gastroparesis and constipation are 90 percent better and my total & LDL cholesterol have both dropped by 50 points. Thank you so much."


Keynote Speaking

Mental Health Summit 2020

mental health in the workplace
matt janes netflix

"Amazing. Matt needs to be done by a Netflix special."



"Matt's talk blew me away."

"Mind blowing, thank you."

"Absolutely fascinating and fantastic."

"Genius. Truly moving and insightful."

"Genuinely blown my mind with the impact this could have."

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